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$600.00 - Basic Website Package

(by Joomla CMS)


Template and theme Design (The Look and Feel of the Website)
General layout including: color, textures, buttons, banner image, font style

1 Basic Menu (Website Menu used to navigate the Website)
Choose Between the top pill menu, left bar menu or right bar menu

Home Page (The websites main page)
The First Article page On-Line visitors will see - General Information or Introduction

1 additional content page (A web page on any topic of your choosing.)
Standard HTML page involving images * and text ** (up to 200 words and 2 images)

Contact Page (Company name, contacts name, e-mail, phone number, etc.)
Includes a interactive email form.

Basic SEO (Making sure your site is relevant and searchable)
Inclusion of considered searchable metaData, keyword phrases, titles and links.


Want more than just the basics?

Website add-ons:

$80.00 / each - Additional content page (up to 200 words and 2 images)
Standard HTML page involving images* and text **

Additional features available:
Examples : image gallery, on-line store, on-line blog, video integration, animated banner, and more.

For more information on pricing and for an estimate, start by clicking the link below and filling out the "Website Design Client Questionnaire"

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* Images can be provided by the client or taken on site by GS Art & Design for clients within Northern Ohio.
** To ensure Basic SEO, GS Art & Design will need to reformat your content and/or information.
***All pricing on this page is a starting cost for renderable services by GS Art & Design LLC
and will be used to assist with creating a estimate for you.
****Final invoice pricing will subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of GS Art & Design LLC.
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